My Dog 'Sex'
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Everybody who has a dog calls him "Rover" or "Boy". I call my dog "Sex".

Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to get his license1, I told the clerk I would like to have a license for Sex. He said, "I'd like to have one too." Then I said, "But this is a dog." He said I didn't care what she looked like. Then I said, "You don't understand, I've had Sex since I was 9 year old." He said I must have been quite a kid.

When I got married and went on my honeymoon2, I took the dog with me. I told the hotel clerk that I wanted a room for my wife and me and a special room for Sex. He said that every room in the place was for sex. I said, "You don't understand, Sex keeps me awake at night." The Clerk said "Me too."

One day I entered Sex in a contest but before the competition began, the dog ran away. Another contestant3 asked me why I was just standing4 there looking around. I told him I had planned to have Sex entered in the contest. He told me that I should have sold tickets. "But you don't understand", I said, "I had hoped to have Sex on television." He called me a show-off.

When my wife and I separated, we went to court to file for custody5 of the dog. I said, "Your Honor, I had Sex before I got married." The judge said "Me too." Then I told him that after I was married, Sex had left me. He said, "Me too."

Last night Sex ran off again. I spent hours looking around town for him. A cop came over to me and asked "What are you doing in this alley6 at 4 in the morning?" I said, "I'm looking for Sex..."

My case comes up on Friday...


1 license B9TzU     
  • The foreign guest has a license on the person.這個外國客人隨身攜帶執照。
  • The driver was arrested for having false license plates on his car.司機由于使用假車牌而被捕。
2 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘島度蜜月時學會了帶水肺潛水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.這幸福的一對就要去度蜜月了。
3 contestant qp9zR     
  • The company will furnish each contestant with a free ticket.公司將為每個參賽者免費提供一張票。
  • The personal appearance and interview of the contestant is another count.參加比賽者的個人儀表和談話也是一項。
4 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
5 custody Qntzd     
  • He spent a week in custody on remand awaiting sentence.等候判決期間他被還押候審一個星期。
  • He was taken into custody immediately after the robbery.搶劫案發生后,他立即被押了起來。
6 alley Cx2zK     
  • We live in the same alley.我們住在同一條小巷里。
  • The blind alley ended in a brick wall.這條死胡同的盡頭是磚墻。
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