It's Sooooo Coooooold
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Lorenzo Dow, an evangelist of the last century, was on a preaching tour when he came to a small town one cold winter's night.
He entered the local general store to get some warmth, and saw the town's lawyers gathered around the pot-bellied stove, discussing the town's business. Not one offered to allow Dow into the circle.
Dow told the men who he was, and that he had recently had a vision where he had been given a tour of Hell, much like the traveler in Dante's Inferno1.
When one of the lawyers asked him what he had seen, he replied, "Very much what I see here: All of the lawyers, gathered in the hottest place."


1 inferno w7jxD     
  • Rescue workers fought to get to victims inside the inferno.救援人員奮力營救大火中的受害者。
  • The burning building became an inferno.燃燒著的大樓成了地獄般的地方。
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